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Ian Simmons vs. Processed Pork Products

Ian Simmons of the Centre for Life demonstrates his cucumber-housed Pepperami/oxygen cutting lance, which sliced through aluminium in precisely the way processed pork products normally don’t. Ian’s drastically over-length, casually dangerous, utterly ridiculous performance won the coveted ‘Best Demo’ award....

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  • James Piercy commented on Have you taken the Powerpoint Pledge?
    Absolutely. There are no hard and fast rules about this. Slideware can be really useful. Hell we used video and slides extensively in the session. I guess it's about recognising when it actually adds something. My main idea was this. Think about your slides as another kind of visual aid, a prop a really heavy and bloody awkward prop. Do you really want to carry it on the train to your meeting? Is what it adds that valuable that you'ld be prepared to lug something like a giant paperclip costume on the tube? If the answer is yes and you're...
  • commented on Have you taken the Powerpoint Pledge?
    You might appreciate this story on the Make blog:
  • Conkers commented on Have you taken the Powerpoint Pledge?
    Powerpoint pledge - if powerpoint is defined a a bunch of slides with tedious bullet points then yes, I'll sign up to that. But as a resource through which I can enhance a discussion with visuals, video and other odds and ends then I'll keep using it. There are lots of bad exanples out there from so called experts at presentations. Four words bad, two pictures good....

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