What? Who? Huh?

By the end of the week, the British Interactive Group should be, officially, a support group for ‘informal science communicators’. It isn’t yet, because that wording is on the schedule for the group’s AGM, and that happens towards the end of this week’s conference. Which for odd reasons is called the ‘Event.’

BIG is one of those hidden gems of STEM engagement, with hundreds of people lurking on its lively and irreverent chat list (free, sign up now!). Making it a bit less hidden is what this blog is about.

We’re meeting this week (22nd-24th July 2009) at the Royal Institution in London. We’ll only capture a flavour of the event here, but we’ll do what we can.

We’re also group-blogging to see how it fits in with who we are and how we work. We might give up and go down the pub. Or we might continue the discussion here, after the event.

If you’re reading this at the event and wondering who to talk to about it — hello, I’m Jonathan Sanderson, I’m the guy at the back typing on the silver MacBook. I fairly obviously need a haircut right now.

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