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Home again, home again


Not quite. I’ve had a blast, some good arguments, and feel a smidge of remorse for having being rather negative about the ISOTOPE project. I hope at least some of my criticism was positive. I’ll write it up here and you can judge for yourself.

Also to come over the weekend, hopefully:

  • A write-up of the Corporate Social Responsibility session run by Laura Grant and nearly screwed up by me. We think we got away with it, and I’ve come away with clear action points, which is always a good thing, I feel. Lorraine Kenny of Thinktank noted something that was forehead-slappingly obvious which I think made all of us feel a bit thick.
  • Some notes on Elin Robert’s Flame On show from the Centre for Life. Top feedback afterwards, getting into some very fine details. Great stuff.
  • Photos from the dinner last night. If I can find the memory card.
  • Coverage of the Best Demo Competition. Quick crib: won by Ian Simmons of the Centre for Life with his bacon lance. Lee Patterson and Helen Lloyd picked up commendations in what was a startlingly good year.
  • Oh, you know, more. Doubtless.

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